About Me
I'm a Melbourne girl from way back. Once upon a time, I called London "home". I've felt at home in NYC, too. My love for big cities is eternal, yet I've had the great fortune to enjoy the surf coast lifestyle as well. Still, Melbourne is my pick of the bunch.

I like making things. So I play music, take photos, and write words. Although I can do a few things, I consider myself a "dabbler" at best, and I deeply respect the true masters of any craft. I try to take on board their inspiration and wisdom as part of my own life philosophy.

In between the work done by my brain and for my soul, I practice karate. It is humbling, challenging, empowering, and fulfilling. My journey in karate has only recently started, but the path is neverending.

I enjoy drinking great coffee. I keep a photographic coffee journal to log my caffeinated adventures.

I am an enthusiastic dancer. Play a little Saskwatch and just TRY to stop me.

I believe in perpetual learning. I practice wide curiosity.

The greatest love of my life is my family. My concept of 'family' extends beyond biological bonds, because I am so lucky to be surrounded by people who are just so decent and good and kind. Everyday, I am grateful for their influence.

I am crazy about travel, and try to do so as often as possible. I travelled solo for 10 months, and it remains one of the best decisions I've ever made.

I try to do good work and be kind. I thrive on the uncertainty that comes with starting something new. I have developed a strange kind of affection for situations that make me feel uncomfortable

All I really want is to live a full and interesting life. I think I'm doing a pretty good job so far :)

Why do I do the work that I do?

I was 15 when I first made the decision to work towards a career in sports science. Back then, I used to read newspapers the wrong way around, because all the news that was important to me started at the back page. I remember reading, with unusual excitement, an article that explained how the textiles used in Speedo suits drew inspiration from the texture of shark skin, and how these suits were tested for their fluid dynamics by NASA in the lead up to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. I thought to myself, "How great would it be to do THAT?"  So I set off to learn more about applying science to sports performance.

But my overwhelming nerdiness was not the only reason I chose to launch myself into this profession. I grew up playing basketball, with dreams of playing for a US college and maybe, just maybe, for Australia. After a while, I figured out that I wasn't quite good enough to dream so big, but this was one of my dreams nonetheless. Growing up in a team sport culture taught me so many lessons that I still carry with me today. Chief among them is the magic that happens when a group of people with shared purpose bring their best efforts together to achieve a common goal. Although my ambitions as an athlete far outweighed my actual talents, I could always contribute as a "team player" - I could hustle and had plenty of voice to cheer! After suffering a serious knee injury in 2006, I devoted my time to coaching. Through coaching, I realised that I felt most fulfilled when working in the service of others, by helping them reach their goals through sport.

Having completed 8 years of tertiary studies in sports science, I have been fortunate to undertake challenging yet rewarding work with people who are at the leading edge of high performance sport. Working in sports science isn't always as glamorous as my 15-year-old self envisaged. Having said that, I happily sacrifice perceptions of glamour for a job that requires me to embrace challenges and use my brain, in order to help individuals develop as people and achieve their goals - whether they are athletes, coaches, or fellow support staff. In elite sport, we have the privilege of helping people achieve what has never been done before, sometimes by doing things that no one else has ever attempted. That's a pretty sweet deal.

Fourteen years on, I am still driven by the unique opportunity to contribute to an athlete's personal improvement and sporting success. If you are so inclined, you can read more about my work here.