I am a sport scientist with a passion for translating research into applied outcomes for high performance athletes and coaches. I am interested in athlete preparation and performance, load and athlete monitoring, sports analytics, and sports technology.

What am I doing right now?

In 2018, I will begin in a new role as a Senior Insights Researcher for High Performance Sport New Zealand.
From 2015 to 2017, I worked as a Research Fellow in a joint appointment at the Geelong Cats Football Club and Deakin University. In this role, I was responsible for establishing and conducting an interdisciplinary research program to support the performance of the players, the team, and the coaches. I also love to collaborate - good ideas can come from anywhere! Past and current research collaborators include staff and research students at the Australian Institute of Sport, the Queensland Academy of Sport, Water Polo Australia, Australian Catholic University, the Australian Football League, North Melbourne Football Club, Western Bulldogs Football Club, Victoria University, and Curtin University.

In 2015, I completed my PhD at Deakin University, with the support of the Australian Institute of Sport.  My PhD research explored the relationships between training loads, athlete well-being, and performance in elite and sub-elite rowing. I have also taught widely within Deakin's undergraduate Exercise and Sports Science degree, and have worked as a Research Assistant for a variety of projects and investigators at Deakin.

Want to learn more about me?

Here is my resume.  If you'd like to see my full curriculum vitae, feel free to contact me directly.